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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots Ice-cream waffle cone

Nibbles & Knots Ice-cream waffle cone

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‘Ice-cream waffle cone’ themed chew toy - designed specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs.

This seriously cute ice-cream cone enrichment toy offers an array of 100% natural textures and tastes to delight your furry friend! But…will they take 1 scoop or 2? And perhaps a cherry on top?? 😄

The ‘waffle cone’ is constructed from seagrass matting and filled with quality timothy hay. The ball/s of ‘ice-cream’ (sisal-wrapped timothy hay) are then securely attached atop, with an optional wooden bead ‘cherry’ adding the finishing touch to this mouth-watering treat!

Approximate dimensions:
Cone - 13.5cm H x 7.5cm diameter (at opening)
Individual balls - 6cm diameter

Please note: Here at N&K, we use all-natural materials, and as such, size and thicknesses may vary. This simply adds a further unique quality to each product…and your pet won’t even notice 😉

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