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Oxbow Senior Guinea Pig Food - Short Dated Discount

Oxbow Senior Guinea Pig Food - Short Dated Discount

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Best Before Date - 12/07/24
Essentials Senior Guinea Pig is specially formulated to support your aging guinea pig’s needs. We start with 6 high-quality fiber sources to support the aging digestive system and add natural antioxidants to help maintain physical and mental sharpness and activity. Essentials Senior Guinea Pig includes natural plant-based herbal ingredients like ginger root, turmeric and chamomile and provides 100% of your pet’s daily recommended vitamins and minerals with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

  • Specially formulated to support the unique needs of aging guinea pigs
  • Six sources of high fiber ingredients help support the aging digestive system for optimum health and body condition
  • Three sources of natural antioxidant ingredients help support physical & mental vitality and activity
  • Beneficial herbal ingredients include ginger root, turmeric, and chamomile
  • 100% of daily recommended vitamins & minerals helps support whole body health
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

Not suitable for young, pregnant or lactating Guinea Pigs.

Please see photo of packaging for feeding and transitioning guides


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