Information: Emergencies

What is an emergency?

The following signs or symptoms shown by your pet require urgent emergency treatment.

Has not eaten for 12 hours
Has not passed faeces for 2 hours
Has not passed cecotropes for 12 hours
Has a bloated stomach
Has breathing problems – especially open-mouth breathing
Has been attacked by another animal
Has a head tilt or is rolling or is falling over
Is limp, cold, or poorly responsive
If you see maggots on your bunny or guinea pig

    During business hours

    Please call us directly (03) 9416 3100 for assistance.

    A nurse will provide an initial triage assessment on arrival.  Once complete, a level of urgency will be allocated to your pet. 

    Your pet will then be seen between other booked consultations. 

    Outside of business hours

    Out Of Hours Emergency Clinics Information

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