Information: Before Coming To See Us

Information For Referring Vets and Clients Travelling To See Us

  • Please organise for history to be sent before your appointment with us
  • Emergencies are accepted on a capacity basis each day, these are for urgent cases only and these appointments cannot be booked in advance – please call the clinic before presenting. Be aware we do not have overnight hospitalisation available for sick animals. Early referral is always best.
  • Some referral cases will need imaging and surgery. If you are planning on a long trip to us for these please let us know. We prefer to do an initial consultation and discuss the options first. Where possible we will book tentative CT and surgery appointments. All of these procedures cannot happen on the same day.
  • Many cases need follow up consultations including post operative checks after surgery
  • We are unable to make a diagnosis over the phone or via email. Referring vets can organise phone consultations with us and these will be charged to the veterinary clinic. We must have seen your animal within 6 months for phone consultation with owners, again please be aware we cannot diagnose over the phone and we may recommend an in person consultation. Phone consultations organised by a client will be charged directly to the client.
  • Many clients find that travelling to us and planning on staying for a few days locally allows their pet to be treated and stable before travelling home. While we can provide a safe space for patients to board overnight they are unsupervised and it will be at the vets discretion whether this is appropriate for your pet.
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