Information: Ideal Guinea Pig Diet

70% - Hay and grass

20% - Leafy green vegetables

7% - Oxbow and Burgess pellets: 1/8-1/4 cup daily (depending on size)

3% - Treats, fruit and other vegetables: Capsicum, banana, strawberry, carrot, etc. as a treat (the equivalent of a tablespoon)  

Fact: Your Guinea Pig doesn’t need mineral blocks.

Getting your guinea pigs’ diet right gives them the best chance at a happy long life.


Unlimited hay should be available to your Guinea pig throughout the day. This should be replenished on a daily basis.

The most common types of hay available for your Guinea Pig in Australia are:  

  • Oaten
  • Grass/Meadow  
  • Timothy  

Try and get the freshest hay you can. Oaten, Grass/Meadow and Timothy hay are all readily available and are the recommended choice for healthy piggies. Ideally purchase hay by the bale as pet shop hay is often old, dusty and has lost much of its nutrient content.  

Leafy green vegetables:

Piggies LOVE their greens! Providing them with at least five different leafy greens daily is recommended. No two piggies are the same. Explore the different safe veggies and see what takes their fancy and what doesn't. If you have more than one guinea pig, you may find that what one likes, the other may not. Variety is the key! You are making them a salad mix not a plate of lettuce.

Some piggie-safe leafy green vegetables are:

  • Chinese greens (Bok choi, wombok, etc.)   
  • Silver beet  
  • Celery  
  • Dandelion leaves (and flowers as a treat!)  
  • Grass  
  • Herbs (mint, coriander, parsley)  
  • Kale  
  • Lettuce (not iceberg)  


A good quality pellet contains important ingredients for your piggie. 1/8-1/4 cup of Oxbow or Burgess guinea pig pellets should be given daily. The amount may increase or decrease depending on your guinea pig’s weight, and any other factors such as pregnancy, or dental disease.   

Treats, vegetables and fruit:

Like a child, if guinea pigs had their way, they would eat nothing but treats and high-sugar foods. This will cause them to become obese and develop other health issues. Treats should always be given in moderation.

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