How To: Give Subcutaneous Injection



In the following image and two videos, we will show you how to give your bunny a subcutaneous injection.


We recommend that for your first time you make a booking with one of our friendly nurses to provide you with a one on one lesson. 


  • If you experience pressure when attempting to inject the medication you need to start again. Injecting the medication should feel smooth and easy​

  • If the needle and syringe separate and cause the medication to spill, don't panic. Just ensure you remove all medication from the rabbits coat so it is unable to ingest the medication by licking itself.

  •  When the syringe is in the subcutaneous layer, draw back on your syringe. If you notice blood enter the syringe remove the needle and syringe and start the whole process again.

  • Remember to change your needle every time.

Top tip: With any medication, always check the labels instructions for how much to give and how often before administering. 

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