Information: Adoption Groups

Consider adopting your new family member! Rescue bunnies are generally microchipped, vaccinated, and desexed prior to adoption from a reputable rescue group. We think that supporting a local rescue group and providing a home to a bunny in need is pretty fantastic!

Below are some amazing organisations.


Rabbit Runaway Orphanage

The Rabbit Doctors have provided veterinary care for the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage for several years. The orphanage is a registered charity, based in Olinda, Victoria that rescues and re-homes rabbits. All rabbits are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and have a full veterinary health check before they are rehomed. Rabbits are only rehomed as (strictly) indoor pets, and rabbits with chronic medical problems are given all the veterinary care they need to live happy pain-free lives.

PH: 97511299

The Bluey and Alice Refuge

The Bluey and Alice refuge is a small rescue located in the beautiful cockatoo region. They aim to rehome friendly vaccinated, desexed and healthy bunnies and provide a bunny dating service for your existing bunny to find a friend. They are also passionate about education and welfare in the wonderful world of bunnies


The Rabbit Sanctuary is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation where time never runs out for rabbits. Our goal is to raise the cultural value of the pet rabbit to be seen as a companion house pet.  Our wish is for humans & animals to live together in harmony.

Nestled in 25 acres of bushland in Northern NSW (15 mins from Grafton), the sanctuary is the only one of its kind & is a calming & healing place for all that visit.

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary (

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a rescue organisation aimed at improving the welfare and standards for rabbits. They also take in abused and neglected rabbits aiming to find them their forever homes.

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