Services: Desexing

It is highly recommended to get rats desexed from 4-6 months of age. It can reduce unwanted aggressive behaviour. Desexing reduces the risk of mammary masses. Female rats are at risk of developing uterine and mammary tumours. Male rats can get testicular cancer.  

Male rats are surgically desexed. Female rats have 2 different options for desexing. The first method is traditional surgical sterilization. This is recommended as it removes the reproductive tract, eliminating the possibility of pregnancy and uterine cancer. Female rats can also be chemically sterilized. This entails a very short anesthetic to place a suprelorin implant just under the skin. This is beneficial as it is quicker and safer than surgery. However, it is currently unknown if the implant lasts longer than 12 months in rats and it may need to be repeated yearly.

Desexing at The Rabbit Doctors 

Desexing your rat may seem daunting. The Rabbit Doctors, do everything possible to make the surgical anesthetic and recovery is as smooth as possible.  

Before your rat’s has surgery - Pre-surgery consult

One of our vets will have a consultation with you. It is important to check your rat is healthy and well for surgery. We will discuss what method is best for your rat. They will then walk you through the procedure and will happily answer any questions and concerns you might have.  

Day of the surgery - Drop off

You and your rat will arrive at the clinic the morning of their procedure.  

Your rat should have food and water right up to their surgery- no fasting is required!  

After their surgery - discharge & pick up

Your rat will be ready for collection that same afternoon. When you come and collect them, you’ll be given full instructions on post-operative care and pain relief and any other special requirements your bunny might need.

One Week later - Post-op check

A week after your rat’s operation, you will have a post-op check. This is to make sure your bunny's wounds are healing properly. This appointment is free of charge and is often done with a nurse.

Your rat will be a little quiet that evening but are usually back to their cheeky selves after 24-48 hours. 

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