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New Season Oaten Hay - Bagged

New Season Oaten Hay - Bagged

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Prepacked bags of quality Oaten hay.

Each bag contains 1/3rd of a full bale of hay.

Hay is the MOST important part of your rabbit's diet.

The indigestible part of the fibre helps to keep the  complex digestive system of the rabbit in proper working order

The action of chewing on high fibre hay assists in grinding down the teeth of your rabbit, which grow continuously throughout their life

Rabbits who are deprived of appropriate hay are more likely to chew on their own fur and thus predispose themselves to intestinal obstruction from hairballs. Hay-eating rabbits are more likely to drink water and therefore will urinate more, which helps to protect them against the formation of bladder stones. 

To read more about the benefits of hay

Information: Hay - What's the fuss? – The Rabbit Doctors (

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