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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots 3 Pack Nibble Cakes

Nibbles & Knots 3 Pack Nibble Cakes

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3PACK Nibblecakes - adorable little cupcake-inspired mixed material chew toys, designed specifically for the enjoyment of rabbits and guinea pigs.

A perfect toy to celebrate a special day...or any day really! The cupcakes may look like an indulgent treat, but actually won’t mess with your pet’s diet at all. The mixed materials will fascinate bunnies and guinea pigs alike, and offer a variety of textures to chew on and explore...keeping them busy for hours!

Nibblecakes are constructed using handmade seagrass and timothy hay balls, encased in raw corrugated cardboard, tied up in a bow with paper raffia and featuring a wooden bead (also attached with paper raffia) as the ‘cherry on top’ 😊

Approximate dimensions:
7cm H (to the top of the bead) and 6.5cm in diameter.

Together, let’s make sure our furry friends are able to live their best life. Everyday

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