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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots Birdhouse Nibble

Nibbles & Knots Birdhouse Nibble

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Natural seagrass and timothy hay chew toy/mixed treat designed specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Presenting a super cute enrichment toy in the shape of a little birdhouse! This unique treat has a lot going on with it’s various edible materials, and is sure to keep your furry friend entertained for hours... Featuring twisted seagrass matting on three sides and connected with finer seagrass twine, the triangular prism is stuffed completely full with fresh timothy hay and secured in place at one end with a wooden ring and more edible twine.

As this is quite a chunky little chew toy, thick jute twine has been attached to the ‘roof’ of the toy so that it may be attached to a hutch or enclosure and suspended above the ground within easy reach. Larger rabbits may enjoy throwing it about instead though - in which case this twine may easily be removed if it gets in the way of play. Jute is perfectly for small animals to chew, but not as enjoyable to them as the other materials used here 😊

Approximate dimensions:
9cm W x 9cm H x 9cm D (not including protruding timothy hay)

Together, let’s make sure our furry friends are able to live their best life. Everyday
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