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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots Seagrass & Hay Lolly

Nibbles & Knots Seagrass & Hay Lolly

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Lolly-shaped healthy chew toy designed specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs.

A sweet for your sweet! The best part? This cute chew toy may look like a lolly, but it contains zero sugar! This is a treat your furry one can enjoy to their heart’s content…and their dental health will even benefit from it 😊

Constructed from all-natural twisted seagrass and quality timothy hay, the base component is one of our ever-popular grass balls. Extra seagrass has been added to either side to give the toy more character. Bunnies and guinea pigs love the side extensions as additional places to grip and toss the toy - as well as chew!

Approximate dimensions:
20cm W x 8cm H x 8cm D

Please note: Seagrass is a natural material, and as such, size and thickness may vary. This simply adds a further unique quality to each product…and your pet won’t even notice 😉
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