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Resilient Bunny Treats

Resilient Bunny Treats - Banana Buzz

Resilient Bunny Treats - Banana Buzz

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🍀Ingredients: Celery, banana.

🍀The cookie base is made with Oaten hay

🍀100% Natural, No preservatives, No Chemicals, No Seeds or Nuts, No Sugars or Binders.

🍀Lab Tested

🍀Size: 60g, 12pcs and dehydrated celery.

🍀All the treats are slowly dehydrated to ensure the highest nutrient and flavour content.

🍀Storage: Airtight container, leave in a cool, dry place.

🍀Suitable for Rabbit and Guinea Pigs

⚠️ Not recommended for rabbits under 3 months of age and Baby Guinea pigs.

Nutrition Panel - 60g

Calcium (min) 0.19%
Protein (min) 5.6%
Fat (min) 3.9%
Moisture (max) 10%
Ash (max) 5%
Fibre (max) 15.5%
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