How To: Look After Your Rabbits Nails

When a rabbits nails grow beyond the furry part of their feet (except for Rex rabbits), its usually time for a trim. Some rabbits need a trim every 6 weeks, some only once or twice a year. You can clip them yourself, or book in with us for a nurse nail trim. White nails are quite easy to trim – avoid the pink “live” part of the nail, and trim at an angle 3-4mm beyond where you can see the pink tip. A rabbit has 5 nails on each front foot and 4 on the back feet. As rabbits get older the most lateral nails can become a bit twisted – that is no problem. 

Nurse Sanja will demonstrate in this video how to cut rabbits nails.


Above you will find a diagram of a rabbit's toe. When we trim the nail we want to remove the tip without cutting any of the blood vessel as this can cause pain. 

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