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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots Seagrass & Hay Balls 3 pack

Nibbles & Knots Seagrass & Hay Balls 3 pack

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3pack of natural, twisted seagrass balls stuffed full with fresh timothy hay - created specifically for the enjoyment of pet rabbits and guinea pigs.

Handcrafted with thick seagrass wrapped around a tight mass of timothy hay, these toy balls are sure to delight and reward your small pet! They are sold as a 3 pack, so they can be placed in different favourite locations for easily accessible boredom-busting anytime 😊

Seagrass is a fabulous chew toy option for small animals; not only is it completely safe, and excellent for wearing down those ever-growing teeth, but rabbits and guinea pigs find the subtle and lingering aroma irresistible!

Each ball is approximately 7cm in diameter. For size reference, Pippin (featured in the video) is a dwarf bunny and is shown playing with a slightly smaller ball.

Please note: Seagrass is a natural material, and as such, size and thickness may vary. This simply adds a further unique quality to each product…and your pet won’t even notice 😉
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