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Nibbles & Knots

Nibbles & Knots The Very Flowery Caterpillar

Nibbles & Knots The Very Flowery Caterpillar

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Introducing The Very Flowery Caterpillar!

Consisting of 5 x Calendula Fairydust Balls (with timothy hay, seagrass and calendula petals) attached in a wavy line with jute twine. 4 x small, raw wooden beads are added to the ‘body’ and 2 seagrass cord feelers attached to the top of the ‘head’ (for cuteness factor rather than realism!)

It all makes for a super cute - and functional - critter your furry ones will love! It smells amazing and offers hours of foraging for petals, as well as pulling it apart to nibble the timothy hay.

Approximate dimensions: 28cm W x 12cm H x 6cm D.

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